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Our co-founder, Jenn Peterson, has been an IT consultant in Alaska since 2004. She started Tech Wise Systems with Josh Broderson in 2017 with a vision that all organizations deserve a technology environment that is secure, reliable, and tailored to fit their needs. We are enterprise level IT adapted for the small and medium sized business. Which means we deliver sophisticated technological solutions that are cost-effective and user friendly. In other words, we’re techy but we’re also nice and easy to talk to.

Meet Our Team

Jenn Peterson
Jenn PetersonCEO
Josh Broderson
Josh BrodersonCIO/CTO
Jessie Koneczny
Jessie KonecznyAdministration Manager
Kate Wool
Kate WoolCreative Services
Joe Jensen
Joe JensenAutomation and Implementation Engineer
Matt Wallace
Matt Wallace Infrastructure Engineer
Finn Breeden
Finn BreedenService Desk Manager
Kaleb Daugherty
Kaleb DaughertyEnterprise Operations Specialist
Eamon Dunnavant
Eamon Dunnavant Level 1 Service Desk Technician
Andrew Mewes
Andrew MewesLevel 3 Service Desk Technician
Beverly Gibbs
Beverly GibbsLevel 1 Service Desk Technician
Josh Majors
Josh MajorsIT Operations Facilitator
Tal Harlan
Tal HarlanProject Manager
Evan Colegrove
Evan ColegroveEnterprise Operations Specialist