IT Strategy and Professional Services

IT Strategy and Professional Services

The Tech Wise System

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Having a great technology partner isn’t just about fast response times, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery. Those things are critical to be sure, but they’re also the least you can (or should) expect from a managed service provider. What makes Tech Wise different is the service we provide beyond the baseline.

For most of our clients, we are the IT department. We do it all. Here’s what just some of that means in practice.

1. We fully document your technology infrastructure.

2. We evaluate and recommend vendors and third party solutions.

3. We meet with decision makers quarterly to check in and plan for the future.

4. We establish procedures for onboarding and offboarding staff members.

5. We stay on top of technology trends and make recommendations to help move your business forward.

6. We help you budget by planning hardware replacements and software upgrades.

Tech Wise establishes long-term partnerships to manage and wherever possible, improve the technology that our clients use. Our support is comprehensive and adaptive. We want to help your organization thrive however and where ever that journey takes us.

Business Smart. Tech Wise.

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