Cybersecurity and Compliance

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Cybersecurity and Compliance

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Many organizations believe they are not a target for ransomware or other breaches, but bad actors know that small and medium sized businesses are often easier to infiltrate because they are the least likely to have proper cybersecurity protections in place.

Tech Wise’s powerful security portfolio includes best in class endpoint protection, encryption, multi-factor authentication, spam filtering, firewalling, dark web monitoring and policy enforcement. Our tools use state of the art AI to protect against zero day threats and to alert us whenever manual intervention is required.

Four considerations go into our cybersecurity strategy.

1. User Impact – We strive to implement cybersecurity practices that don’t compromise staff productivity. Some necessities such as Multi Factor Authentication, but most layers of security will have no impact on end user experience.

2. Effectiveness – We carefully vet our tools for value and effectiveness. We do not implement multiple layers doing the same thing and we’ve tested thoroughly to ensure they work as advertised.

3. Compliance – As the risk of electronic data loss and theft increases, so too do the regulations created to address those risks. We create strategies and provide the tools and services your organization needs to address its compliance requirements including HIPAA, PCI, and CMMC.

4. Price – We service small and medium sized businesses. Cybersecurity and compliance must be achieved at a cost point that our clients can manage. Price can’t be the only consideration when it comes to protecting your organization from data loss, but it needs to be an important consideration. We are conscious of your organization’s budget, and we try very hard to make sure you get as much benefit from your cybersecurity and compliance investment as possible.

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